Croatian Wedding Practices

Croatian Wedding Practices

When you marry in Croatia, there are a number of traditions you should know. Examples include the incorrect bride, the riza routine and the wedding party procession.

The bride and groom usually proceed through their wedding party croatian women dating processions together. This can include the traditional Croatian songs and the flag jar, who may be called the barjaktar. He is responsible for leading the procession.

The barjaktar is likewise responsible for setting the pace of the retraite. They must certainly be a cheerful and positive person.

After the couple has moved into the cathedral, the wedding party begins a processional. Barjaktars wave the Croatian flag throughout the whole procession.

As well, the best man must carry a tote filled with sweets. The best guy will then offer a short conversation.

After the marriage ceremony, the newly weds will enter a reception that is typically held at a restaurant. Guests are encouraged to carry presents pertaining to the few. During the reception, the guests may participate in dancing. A traditional band may play.

Customarily, Croatian marriage ceremonies add a gift exchange. During the evening, guests will receive small rosemary twigs. Some divisions are furnished with a bow that signifies the Croatian flag. In addition , guests will certainly leave profit a holder.

Additionally there is a ceremony intended for the groom and bride to stomp each other’s feet. May be that completing this task brings chance. One well-known tradition is always to throw a bouquet of flowers on the new few.